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Re: Potenza Garbage - Not

Mr. Daniel P. Grady wrote:
Does anyone else think that Bridgestone Potenzas suck? When I bought my
'87 5kq it had a brand new set that seems acceptable in dry conditions.
Acceptable, not ideal. With only the slightest amount of water on the =
road, they aren't worth crap. Sure its a whole lot of fun to get wacky =
on a long sweeper but these things are ridiculous.  Turning through an =
intersection can get weird at even very low speeds. Anyone driving on a
reasonably priced tire that does ok in the wet? I live in connecticut =
and won't even mention what I think of these things in the snow. They're
205-60-15 if you're wondering.
Hmmm.  I think my summer tires for my 1988 90q are RE-71 Potenzas.  They
stick like glue in wet _summer_ conditions.  (That is, when the
temperature is appropriate for the rubber design.)  I wouldn't expect
the same performance when its cold, and thus wouldn't use them in winter
even if it didn't snow or ice here in NH.  Also, quattro handling is
reportedly sensitive to misalignment.  Has yours been checked recently?

         ....  Kirby  (kirby.a.smith@lmco.com)
                   New Hampshire, USA
                      2 X 1988 90q