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Re: 1986 4CSQ problem (Update) - no oil?

Car: 1986 Audi 4000CSQ
Miles: 160k +/-

The orginal problem was the car was gettin gtoo much fuel. The cause was
the fuel distributor. I got that, and had the shop make the change.

Well, now the car is clanking like there's no tomorrow. The oil light is
on and beeps, and there is no oil temp.

I started the car up at the shop and told the guy it wasn't right, and he
said to change the oil a few times. I drove home (10 min @ 35-40 mph) and
changed the oil & filter. The old oil smelled like gas and was on the thin
side. After I changed everything I started the car up again and no
difference. I let the car run for about 1 min and then turned it off.

Right now I am very ticked....  Any thoughts as to what might be wrong?
When I took the car in the problem was *NOT* present, which really makes
me mad. What the heck could have happened while it was at the shop?!?! 


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