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Re: Fuel Gauges

Well, if the fuel is sloshing around, the sender float could easily be
lower than with the fuel at "rest".  I've noticed a slight drop in the
fuel gauge while charging ahead at a full head of steam (how many
metaphors can I mix into this brew?).  Could this be to make me paranoid
about running out of fuel and take my fut off the peddle?????

> 2.  Is the A4 fuel gauge "driving-sensitive"?  I was on a roadtrip this
> weekend, and I was at a nice highway cruising speed.  I noted the fuel
> gauge as I exited the highway, and about 5 minutes after I was on city
> streets (stop-n-go), the reading dropped by nearly a 1/4 tank!  What's
> strange is I took it out the next day, and I was driving on city streets
> for a while (fuel gauge still low), and once I got on the highway, its
> reading actually increased!  So does the fuel gauge look at your driving
> style and apply some sort of weighting/multiplier to the actual fuel tank
> reading? 

Huw Powell


82 (+/-) Audi Coupe