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Re: 4 KQ gearing

In a message dated 2/19/98 "Bruce Bell" <bbell04@ibm.net> writes:

<< For what it is worth my car is the special build with the q stitch
upholstery and a Jan '87 build date (plaque on inside of drivers door).  And
yes, I'm positive
I have the 3.89 gears. <snip> Any one else able to confirm their 4kq has these

Had...you describe the same car as my first q which also had different ratios
from the other two 4kq's (both 85's) I later owned.

<< I don't believe the 5Kq series ever got this particular gear set. >>

Hard to say, perhaps the non-turbo 5ksq but I think it was a 4:11 final drive
car also.

I think Harrison hit the nail on the head...Audi used what they felt like and
the documentation was sketchy.

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq