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List Preiswertigkeit

Hallo All!

Had fun with the subject line, because I can, at least on this list.  As
a Merkuraniac with a minor in VAGainia, I at once enjoy the relative
freedom of the Quattro list vs, a rather sternly moderated Merkur list.
Love the brevity of the latter, however, because each post must be
relevant, new info and straight to the point.

I live in Flyoverland, aka *Big Time Mpls, Small Town St. Paul*  Sure
seem to be alot of Audi owners and support groups out here, but this
list has done a few things for me that I'd like to use up this bandwidth
quota for the month on.

Love my '88 5spd 5KTQ (they're ALL CS's, so no need to stretch out the
shorthand, see, I'm a freshman snob already) but was annoyed by the
Rothenburg.  Rear speakers whistled and buzzed like a swarm of turbo and
vaccuum leaks.  Front left array produced absolute nichts.

Tough problem to have, I know.  After countless hours of tearing the
interior apart, installing a new head unit and front dash speakers, I
found that the true problem was stretched out/broken wires from A-pillar
to door, and a bad rear "amp."

Via this list, I got a new amp, excellent advice on the broken wiring
harness and alot of entertaining stories.

After countless more hours on the wiring mess, just finished spending
$180 on a professional job.  Seems like alot?  Dunno.  Found mechanic
through the list and I think I got a steal of a deal....esp. since I
handed him a pile of trim and what I call *snowflake fasteners* because
no two are alike, and all seems put back together securely.  What's
more, the speakers work (still sound crappy though, but that's OEM for
ya) as does the mirror, window switches, seat memory switches and even
the little red lites!  No more slamming the door a few times to get some
of them things to operate!

Reserving judgement (perhaps the extra fasteners went into his pocket
and a rivet gun tacked on the rest.  I almost feel like crawling out the
passenger door from now on (but that would break the heat seat wires,
wouldn't it?)

Anyway, the point of this is to thank all of you in this venue and
wishing for you at least as many of the great tips and cost savings you
have provided me.

Now.  All I need is:

Front license plate mounting adapter (have run for State Leg. Twice and
lost, so MN still requires front plates (3M makes the reflective plate
stuff so I guess we have to live with it)

Caps for floormat posts.  Sure there is something I could improvise, but
the bare orange bolts make things look alarmingly unfinished and I am,
after all, Mr. OEM.

Somehow I think anyone who has read this far should wonder if a real
life wouldn't be preferable!  Ah well, admit it beats watching the
dreadful Olympics!


Paul Kuettel
Suffering effects of El Nino, which has me staring at unraked fall
leaves in my backyard, where most years would be a fast kiddy bobsled
run built on plywood and 60 inches of snow.  I guess this is the North
American version of the Foehn, Scirroco or Idiot Wind. Global Warming?
I'll TAKE it :-)))