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RE: here's a stumper...for me in any case

Thanks to all who replied.  On check of the 5k alt. at 2K rpm the output
was around 70 amps whereas it should have been around 90 amps.  Pulled
it,  the bearings are fine.  Brushes need to be replaced and I think the
diode plate might as well be replaced.  This thread all started with the
'glow' on dash idiot lights.  I have gone to the agents, as Gerard so
affectionately calls them, and find these parts are part of a bigger
part...no, no, don't say that word.    Nobody around here can get these
parts.  I can fix it if I can find the parts but I don't know the
p/n's.  No junkers with an alt. here, but I don't want to go that route
unless I have to.  Haynes manual does not give info on the type of alt.
this is.  Bosch perhaps?  I can go for a rebuild and their secrets will
cost me about $150. Surely I can do it for less with your help.  Ale's
on me whenever we meet!