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Konis in 5Ks

I'm assuming that you plan to put them on the 5K mentioned in the sig line, if
you've got a 4K you're hiding from us, I don't have a clue.  Anyway:

<<I have just purchased a set of Koni adjustables (red) and was wondering if
anyone could give me any installation tips? >>
Set them to the middle, as you planned to do.  Even if your tires have stiff
sidewalls, this will not rattle your teeth, but will definitely firm up the

<<I am planning on using them with the stock springs (for now). >>
Sounds like a plan.

<<I have heard the fronts can be installed without removing the strut assy.?>>
Yep, three nuts around the top of the strut cartridge need to come off.
(These are the ones in the SLOTTED holes, loosen the other three and you may
well regret it!)  The large nut on the cart itself comes off, and a very large
retaining nut holding the top of the cart into the strut itself.  This a total
of five, and only five, things that need to be loosened.  Check the Bentley
for rules and regulations.

Once you get the hang of it, it only takes a few minutes to change one.  My 17
year old son, with assistance from his best friend, were able to change one in
about an hour.  (Seems they had parts left over the first TWO times they put
it back together.....)

Oh, BTW, make sure (very sure) you get both washers back in the right place on
top of the strut cartridge.  If you don't, the cart will try to come out
through the hood.  Trust me on this.  It's not a pretty sight.  How do I know?
you ask.  Well, I just know, OK?

You didn't ask about the rears.  The rear wheels have to come off, but the
install is fairly simple as well.  Right up to the point where you try to
align the bottom hole of the cartridge with the bottom of the strut so you can
put that *******ing bolt back in place.  That can be an exercise in
frustration.  Plan on throwing one or two wrenches to vent.  Learning a few
new "terms of endearment" is a sometimes result of getting that bolt in place.
Again, see the Bentley for rules and regulations.

Owner of the Only Konis in Bucksnort.