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Extended oil change intervals

In message <TCPSMTP.18.2.19.-> frankbauer@thevine.net writes:

> >Can the filter be replaced without loosing the engine oil?
> you will lose less than a quart.  there is no way the entire crankcase
> will be siphoned by removing the filter.  i thought filter replacements
> midway through oil replacements were common in europe...

Other way round.  In Germany (at least in the 1980s) the filter was not 
changed at the intermediate service.  I signed off hundreds of service 
invoices.  OTOH they changed the thermostat annually and the brake fluid every 
two years.

I stopped while in Germany (with my UK-registered ur-quattro) to have an oil 
light problem looked at.  Their computer had no record of the car, and thus no 
record of the timing belt being changed.  They didn't have one in the garage, 
and I don't remember excessive comment at the time - but a few days later a 
FREE timing belt turned up with a little letter saying it should be changed as 
soon as possible. 

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club