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Re: '86 4kcs (not quattro) oil pressure light

Thanks to all who have responded in help of my friend and his '86 4k. 
The consensus seems to be that it is simply easier to pull the relay. 
It also appears that the mystery connector is actually for the oxygen
sensor heater and that it might have been replaced with a one-wire unit
al some point.

However, as it turns out, the sensor on the back of the head is actually
the low-oil pressure switch and I guess he would need to get at least
this working.  Apparently a previous owner cut the wire trying to rid
himself from the buzzer.  So lets see if I have this straight:

     1)  Reconnect the Blue/Black wire to the low-pressure switch
         on the back of the head to reenable this feature.

     2)  Either pull the oil buzzer relay or further diagnose the
         high pressure switch/relay.

     3)  Reconnect the plug for the oxygen sensor heater if
         disconnected or replace with 3-wire unit of wrong one was

Comments?  I think this should take care of it.


Luis Marques
'87 4kcsq