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RE: More to lock or......

I had an experience which I believe demonstrated the benefits of
quattro.  I was driving on a two-lane with 2-4 inches of heavy wet snow.
It was unplowed and I was following tracks another vehicle had left,
which were pretty much right down the middle.  I encountered some
oncoming traffic and had to move out of the tracks and forge my own way.
I was going about 55mph.  I already know that this speed was not all
together responsible for the conditions.  I maintained a very steady
foot on the gas and carefully moved out of the tracks into the fresh
snow.  It was a little spooky, but the car stayed with me and I slowed
my pace when I felt I had stabilized in my path.  I don't think I could
have pulled this off without quattro, at least not without considerably
more drama.  Tires are unremarkable all seasons.  Car was my 91 200qw.