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RE: '85 5KT: Fuel pump replacement question, and AWD minivans!

> 	1. What's a good price? (I've been quoted $190 or so).
Seems I payed around 150, don't remember where I got it tho (sorry, big
help I know.)

> 	2. Do I need that special tool shown in Bentley (to
> 	remove the sender) or can I get by somehow?
You dont' NEED the special tool, a soft hammer & a flat blade will work
fine.  The tool is nice to have, but at $50 for a one shot, dunno if I'd
take the plunge (I borrowed it.)

> Any other tips, BTDT's would be greatly appreciated.
Don't do it if it's cold...  Empty that fuel tank as much as possible!
Sticking your hand in gas isn't fun.  Do it in a WELL lit area.  I had
to have my exgirfriend sit in the passenger compatment and shine a
flashlight thru the ski bag opening (ski bag removed of course) to be
able to see anything.  Lots of fun.