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Were there any 2.3L 4000 Quattros?

In message <9802201635.AA36146@fluhr.austin.ibm.com> ejfluhr@austin.ibm.com (Fluhr) writes:

> >I had read something the other day stating that Audi offered the NG powerplant
> >in the mid 87+ 4000 Quattros, like the Coupe GT. Can anyone confirm this as
> >true? 
> I think we have been trying to get definitive confirmation of this for
> several years now.  I believe Jeff Goggin has a note from Audi that states
> that some 4000qs did have the 2.3L engine.  If so, they must be far, far
> more rare than the '87.5 Coupe GT.
> I have seen a few '87 4000qs (one with the "quattro" logo'ed seats), and
> they have all had 2.22L JT engines.

Audi has a nasty habit of referring to the MB engine (2226cc) as "2.3l".
Perhaps this has also happened here.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club