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why Audi's don't hydroplane

[bet that got your attention....]

>This brings up something I've noticed throughout the years.  I firmly
>believe that quattro's/Audis are less likely to hydroplane than other cars.
 >I have no idea why, but I think there's something in the design of the
>cars that keeps them planted to the pavement when there's standing water.
>I *think* its an Audi thing...not necessarily quattro doing anything
>special.  But like I said, I can't really explain it.  The quattros I've
>been in don't seem to hydroplane very easily.

No, there is nothing 'in the design of the cars' other than good handling and the
fact that AWD masks the dangerousness of hydroplaning. It is all velocity,
tires and the depth of the standing water. Do not be misled or overconfident!

>I've also taken people out for heavy rain handling demonstrations and they
>were extremely impressed.  Comments such as "It's almost like the road
>isn't even wet!"

Audis do handle far better than almost all other makes for the same size & weight.
Again, do not be overconfident and remember that AWD masks the effects of
hydroplaning while it is happening, you just don't know it unless/till it's too late.......