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Re: 5K heater core replacement

At 11:13 AM 2/20/98 EST, you wrote:
>Does anyone know where to find the how-to for heater core replacement short
>cuts in the archives?
Just BTDT last week and they are really no shortcuts to heater core

1. Drain coolant.

2. Buy replacement hoses: just $24 for all of the heater hoses.

3. Remove glovebox.

4. Disconnect heater cable from A/C programmer control unit. Hint: depress
the tab on the plastic keeper to detach from box.

5. Remove multicolored vacuum hose from programmer and remove both sides of
the heater footvents.

6. Remove screws from vacuum lines on heater vacuum motors and pull off
vacuum lines.

7. Unplug connector for fan control harness.  Easier to see if you remove
the right console cover.

8. Remove wiper arms, then rain cover in engine compartment.  Remove the
wiper motor/linkage (3 bolts).  Also remove the strap around the heater box
assembly. Also unplug vacuum lines on top of heater box.

9. With a pick or similiar, remove as much old gasket/sealer between the
body and the heater box as possible.  Unplug harness to fan resistors,
pressure switches, etc.

10. Remove heater box assembly.  Leave time to pause and curse Audi Gods as
it sticks.  Keep pulling it WILL come out.  Clean out 10 years worth of

11. Remove 3 screws embedded in heater box-long phillips screwdriver helps.
 Remove clips all around the heater box.  Pull clip on flap door that has
felt washer-don't lose the parts!

12. Separate halves of heater box.  Pull out old heater core.  Core costs
about $60.  Clean out debris from leaky core.  

13. Install new core.  Slowly slide halves of box together.  To align
flaps, turn box on side when nearly closed and use pick to guide shafts
into holes. Replace felt washer, washer and clip removed previously.
Replace clips and screws.  Put new rubber weatherstripping around the
outside of the box and around the center outlet port.

14. You're supposed to seal the end where the coolant pipes stick out.  I
used hi-temp RTV sealant.  You'll need to let it set overnight.  Have
plenty of ventilation-this stuff stinks pretty bad and you'll be pouring
nearly the whole tube into the openings.

15. You should remove and inspect A/C blower fan.  Unscrew the left hand
intake duct, remove the circlip and push the blower motor out.  The brushes
are probably shot, so you'll need a replacement.  New motors are $125.  I
got one from '83 junker for $10 in nearly new condition.  Forget any used
'84 on as these all had climate control systems and run their fans

16. As they say, re-assembly into the car is the reverse of removal.

Good luck and I HTH,


Tony Lum						1987 5000CS Turbo Quattro
Berkeley, California, U.S.A.                	1985 4000CS Quattro
Audi Owner/Driver/Mechanic by Necessity ;^)	1980 5000S  Sedan