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Re: 4Kq gearing

Accordign to reasearch done with Audi parts fiche's and dealer literature:

The 84 and early 85 4000q's had a .83 fifth with a 4:11 final, 3.89's were
never installed in the 4000q's as far as parts replacement is concerned.
The rule of thumb for Audi's up until 90 model year is if it has a turbo and a
5spdQ gearbox it got 3.89 gears. Same as the prosche 944 non turbo's.
The non turbo quattro's got 4:11's.  
This changed in 90 with the V8's being normally aspirated and having 4:11's. 
The 91 Q's such as the 20V 200 got 4:11's as well.