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Misc ramblings on quiet Friday afternoon

Catching up on my digests, only a few left to read. The week in review:

Phil vs. Rick - C'mon, guys. Both Phil (who has helped me with advice) and
Rick (who has helped me with advice) are valuable members of this list. I'd
bet if they met each other (and didn't shoot it out immediately) they might
even like each other.

Location of the list: No, most of the list isn't anywhere  - it's ALL in
Cyberspace. We are all consensual citizens (now there's a novel idea!) of
Cyberspace, and can choose to ignore anything not of interest to us,
whether it's location, model, rallies, whatever. I'm personally not
interested in 4Ks, but I won't start saying "Throw 'em off the list!", and
I hope the 4K drivers won't start clamoring about all the 5K stuff that's
here too.

Rustang wars: Don't care. With 110 hp in a type 44 body, I don't care WHAT
you drive, it's probably faster than my car. Wanna go fast? Go look up
Darryl Greenameyer, who built his very own F-104 (no sh*t!) out of military
surplus, and it is (or maybe was) the fastest civilian-owned anything on
the planet. Go race him.

And last but not least, bought a real nice '88 Eldorado as a Valentine's
day present for my wife. She took one look and said: "I hate it. Get rid of
it." Car's in Florida, $5,500 takes it away.

Why does my head hurt?

Best Regards,

Mike Arman