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Hydraulic Lifters

Next to my 87 Coupe GT (obligatory Audi Content) sits my wife's 85 Cadillac
Fleetwood with the dreaded 4100 engine. If I have to pull the cam I will
trash it. If I can get by with a lifter, I will fix it.
Symptoms - Engine rough, backfires
No compression -no 2 cylinder.
removed valve cover - exhaust valve rocker barely moving
remove rocker - hold pushrod, crank engine, pushrod barely moves in and out
but rotates. Compression goes to normal (180 psi). Can a lifter on a worn
cam lobe pump up and hold a valve open?
Do I have a bad cam?
Do I have a stuck lifter?
Do I have both?
Sorry for the lack of Audi content but I know there are some good engine
mechanics on the list and I have never seen this before. You can e-mail me
direct and avoid further polution of the list with Cadillac talk.

Bob Cummings 87 Coupe GT 113k