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RE: '85 5KT: Fuel pump replacement question, and A

august sez:
>>      2. Do I need that special tool shown in Bentley (to
>>   remove the sender) or can I get by somehow?
>You dont' NEED the special tool, a soft hammer & a flat blade will work
>fine.  The tool is nice to have, but at $50 for a one shot, dunno if I'd
>take the plunge (I borrowed it.)

the tool isn't necessary but a brass drift may be better than any ole
"flat blade".  you want to avoid causing sparks in this particular

>> Any other tips, BTDT's would be greatly appreciated.
>  Empty that fuel tank as much as possible!

AMEN!  top of reserve is good enough, no need to run dry...

>  I had
>to have my exgirfriend sit in the passenger compatment and shine a
>flashlight thru the ski bag opening (ski bag removed of course) to be
>able to see anything.  Lots of fun.

you can buy a wagon - it's much easier to change a fuel pump...   =8)


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