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re: audi headrests

Wendell_Gurley@notes.toyota.com wrote:
> Headrests aren't for resting heads, they are for preventing whiplash 
> in a rear-end accident.  This ain't a dentist chair.

Yeah, yeah.  We all know that.  :-)

What's so wrong with wanting to "touch" my head on it when I'm driving 
though?  And what about the passengers?  Do they need to choose between 
"condition yellow" and "open Pez dispenser" whenever they ride with me?

And if you're not supposed to "rest" your head on it, then why do they 
move forward and aft?  I can understand height adjustment, but...

I for one would be more comfortable if I would support my head a little 
bit.  Yeah, I know that's what my neck is for.

In fact, maybe I'll be a safer driver, because I will be at least
more relaxed than if my neck was having to fight all that incredible
my Coupe GT generates!

Am I like the laziest-arse person on this list or what?  I still manage
get up in the morning!  Doesn't that count?!  :-)