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Re: bulb condoms

In a message dated 98-02-20 18:46:57 EST, trharlan@hotmail.com writes:

<< Anyone know where I could get bulb condoms, or translucent sleeves that 
 fit over bulbs, altering their apparent color? I tried auto parts 
 stores-- but I think that they are all morons here in Southern Ohio.
 --Ted Harlan >>


You are probably looking for the really small ones, such as is used in radios,
etc.  The last time i had seen some of those was in a electronics surplus
catalog a few years back.  
 However, if you are looking for some that fit the T1 3/4 size (.31"L x
.19"Dia.) then JAMECO  has those in red and blue.  (P/N 146270 & 146288).
Their phone # is 1-800-831-4242; Internet: http://www.jameco.com.

Bruce Johnson
85 4Ksq
Olympia, WA