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Torsens and recovery...

>> One point I didn't mention in my Torsen comments last time: One of the
>> reasons why Torsen-equipped cars will oversteer more readily than non-Torsen
>> cars ...
>My TORSEN ur-quattro _understeers_.  I have to put quite a bit of power on to 
>get the back end heavy, and that's just a factor of the product of the force 
>vectors operating on the car.

I guess I should have chosen my words more carefully: How about "will
oversteer more readily upon corner exit than non-Torsen cars..." instead?
That said, I've never driven (let alone seen) a Torsen-equipped ur-quattro
so I can't comment upon whether they understeer or not ... my comments are
based on my experience with the 44 chassis cars only.

That said, I'll bet if you applied the same amount of power in a non-Torsen
Ur-Q, you would find the back end doesn't step out nearly as much, however
large or small an amount that may be...
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