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Re: Ur-Q rebuild


Many thanks to all who responded to my original "bad day" post. After lengthy
negotiation I got an almost reasonable valuation on my car from the insurance
people. They totaled it and I bought it from them for salvage. An Audi dealer
repair estimate was more than they could swallow. In their defense even Monica
would have gagged. 

A lesson learned: investigate an insurance policy with an agreed upon cash

Given that turbo, intercooler, and oil cooler were trashed I am looking at a
possible RS2/two piece EM/Dialynx air to water intercooler system. While the
car is immobile an ECU upgrade is in order, too. I am about to pull the head
and who knows what fissures I will find hidden there. Hey, only two EM studs
broke. One for me and one sometime in the past, but hidden.

As before, all thoughts on any of the above will be greatly appreciated.
Finally, thanks to all who replied to my original post. Special thanks to Igor
K. (Nice picture of your car in EC), and Mike Z. Your support got me started
on this rebuild.

83 urq in recovery