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[Fwd: J.D. Power 1997 Dependability ratings- Audi]

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Information from Audi on the J.D. Power vehicle dependability study
ranks Audi third, behind Cadillac and Lexus. The study was conducted
among owners of 1992 cars, and the owners were asked to rate their car
across 89 catagories, based on their last year of ownership, i.e. 1997.

If you think of it this way, if you are looking for a used car that is
five years old, this listing will help determine what is a reliable car.

Audi closely finished behind Cadillac by only 2 points.

Here are the top rankings:
1. Lexus 217
2. Cadillac 240
3. Audi 242
7. Mercedes-Benz 282
10. Toyota 301
12. Jaguar 350
13. Volvo 352
14. BMW 358
18. Saturn 387

The industry average was 390.