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Advice needed

I'm looking for input from Audi fanatics - I want to buy a fun-to-drive
car with AWD that will also be able to cart our
two 50 lb dogs around and have room for luggage. Basically, I'm looking
for a sports car that is practical - an oxymoron. I'm thinking of a
wagon, but also want a manual transmission. I don't care if it's new or
as old as 1990 (in good shape). I drove one non-turbo Audi a month ago
and thought it lacked power (Please, no stones). I've read a lot about
the reverence afforded to S-4 and S-6 Audi's - why are they special (and
why are they so pricy). BTW, I drove an '98 A-4 and would have bought it
if it were a little bigger (and the A-6 seems slower and much to pricy).

What Audi models would lister's recommend? Should I hope VW offers the
Passat wagon eventually with a manual? Thanks for any advice here.