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Re: Motorweek Best Of Year award(was "Are enthusuast mags credible")

Brett let us know: 
   I need a little clarification on something...
>It was also their choice for the Best Luxury Sedan of the Year.

>Best of Year competitors included the Jaguar XJ?, the Mercedes SUV, the new
>Accord, the Oddessy, Dodge Dakota, and the new Porsche 911...
>Bummer there were no Beemers  :o)

  I know the 996 (911, Carrera, whatever) is a bigger car, but I was unaware of 
it now being classed as a sedan...hum. Troutman did make his wife a 4 door 911 
in the late '60s, but I quite sure no production models have made it out...as 
the Professor said "cobbler know thy shoe".
Keeping an eye on the press...
Rick Glesner
Littleton, Colorado