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Re: Advice needed [craig monroe]

IMO, Craig, you need an older turbo wagon.  I guess if money is not a
big object, the 91 200tqw would be my choice.  Cheaper yet, even the
older wagons.  All of the older tq cars were standard shift, so,
satisfaction there.

Why are the S4's and S6's so expensive?  Unreasonable expectations by
the seller, usually.  Prices on these are all over the board [93 S4
for $32.5hehe, to 92 S4's with medium miles for $17.5].  

In US, there were no S4 wagons, no matter what some salesmen might
tell you.  S6 wags *can* be bought for $28k-$32k, despite what some
owners who paid much more might tell you.

Happy hunting, and remember, have any car you get serious about hecked
out top to bottom by someone who knows what they are looking for.  

'89 200tqw