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Explanation of a how Torsen diff works...

>Tuning that friction, I believe, would be the way to make the Torsen work 
>on track.   _I_ would give it a try before chucking it.   You can bias it 
>more toward one direction than the other, and you can increase the torque 
>bias even more than its current ~75% (I forget what they call that - its 
>the measure of how much the diff can apportion torque)

Unfortunately, most of the "tuning" you refer to has to be done during the
original design stage ... the only tuning that is available after it's been
built has to do with changing the drive v. coast characteristics and other
minor characteristics.  That's not to say that tweaking it won't prove
beneficial, though...

This might be a good time to remind folks that I've copied a Gleason "white
paper" about how their diff works to my web site.  Check out
http://www.mindspring.com/~audidudi/Torsen.htm for a fairly complete

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