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RE: Audie oil change intervals - Synthetic

I never did the cost math. Synth is better and extends the intervals that I have 
to climb under the cars and bathe myself in used oil - ergo synth = good. And
while I'm being philosophical IP therefore I am. I run the Mobil 1 till it's down a
quart and change it rather than dump a fresh quart into a dirty crankcase. I see
anywhere from ~5500-7500 miles before getting down a quart with Mobil 1 in
various quattros approaching 200,000 miles.


The 90 V8 uses 8 quarts and a $20 oil filter with 7500 mile recommended 
intervals.  How does that seem re the cost benefit of a change to 
synthetic?  How long can you go on synthetic with 7500 mile filter 
changes? I plan to run this engine to 200,000.  My 733i BMW went to 
230,000 before overhaul.  Richard

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