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Re: Rear bumper questions

I had similar damage from a parking lot hit and run.  The body shop will
probably not be able to repair your bumper cover.  They will sell it to a
company that does repair them.  Your insurance company will try to use one
of these repaired bumper covers.  My (very good) body shop told me that the
repaired ones vary in quality since it is hard to get the texture right.  We
talked the insurance into a new one.  HTH.

Ralph Poplawsky
'91 200Q

At 07:52 PM 2/22/98 EST, you wrote:
>Upon closer inspection of my rear bumper cover on my '92 100S, I have noticed
>that it is a one piece unit, and not two seperate pieces as I thought before.
>The damage that was done to my rear bumper by the SUV bumper is more
>superficial than structural, but it was done to the matte black area of the
>bumper. The finish is cracked for about 6 inches, and easily peels off, and
>also is scuffed in a couple of other places. Is this matte black finish a
>paint that is applied by the factory when the car is being painted, or does it
>come to Audi pre-applied while the rest of the bumper is still unpainted? I've
>notived that the black part also has a slight texture to it, so is it possible
>for the body shop to sand and repaint this section, or is a new bumper cover
>needed? This damage was caused by the other driver, and is no way my fault,
>and I want the job to look right, so I want the black on the rear bumper the
>same as the other trim pieces, and also for the texture to match. Anyone else
>been through a similar repair? TIA.
>'92 100S (70k)