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1989 Audi 90 Q gas smell

Good morning Audi fans.

I have a couple of questions that I hope someone on the list could help me with. 
Unfortunately, I car pool a lady to work with me because she can't drive because of
a car accident,  so I would truly appreciate any help from anybody on the list.  
Thank you so much.  

Recently I have been smelling gas fumes inside the car.  The questions I have are:

1.  Could this be the cause of overfilling the tank?  I have checked the charcoal
filter , but I it does not smell of gas at all.   The smell seems to be very strong in
the right hand side of the fuel tank, (as well as inside the car), as one looks into the
trunk from the rear. 

2.  Another thing that I am wondering about is, does changing the ignition timing
effect the fuel mixture on this model or any other model for that matter??  About
the same time this gas problem came about, for a totally separate reason,  I
advanced the timing, and this is what prompted my question.    

Again your help/suggestions will be appreciated.  Thanks.

Tony .    1983 Audi Q Turbo
               1986  4000 CS Q
               1989 Audi 90 Q