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RE: why Audi's don't hydroplane

>I still don't understand.  If it's just velocity, tires, and depth of
>water, what will quattro do for you?  If a tire is hydroplaning, it's not
>in contact with the road.  Therefore you lose the ability to steer.
>Quattro won't give that ability back...  So how exactly does quattro *mask*

I think you do understand. Quattro really does not 'do anything' other
than let you get into trouble if you do not exercise good judgment
because quattro lets you achieve higher speeds than would otherwise
be physically possible with only 2WD under identical conditions.

Quattro masks hydroplaning a couple of different ways:

1) there will be no/less tell-tale increase in RPM as the one driven wheel in
    a 2WD car with an open diff begins to hydroplane and loose traction - revs
    go up but the car slows down

2) the additional traction, security and handling of AWD Vs 2WD will give you
   additional stability making it more difficult to perceive and feel hydroplaning
   till it is too late and you find out the 'hard way' as was described here in the
   experiences of hapless others