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210 HP A4 1.8 TQ

	Well, I am a new user in this mailing list, and this is my first message
I've seen some previous messages talking about Audi tuning, so I think I
could write something interesting for you.

I am an italian owner of an A4 1.8 T Quattro with "Sportpack B" otpional kit.
Here in Europe the A4 1.8 T has a 150 HP, 21 Kgm @1750 rpm torque. But in
Italy there is now a new version: a new 180 HP 1.8 T engine. It is the same
as 150 HP one: just a remapped chip delivers 30 HP and some kgm more. The
torque is unknown for now (I suppose it will be about 23-24 Kgm): this new
model is sold since last month, while the 150 HP version is (and will be)
still sold. This 180 HP model has been made just for italian market, Audi
declares for front wheel drive (Quattro) 233 Km/h (230), 0-100 Km/h in 7.6"
Of course, it has a "longer" final transmission rate, so you get the max
speed at about 6000 rpm or a little more.

Also, starting from 150 HP or 180 HP car, you may ask to Audi workshops to
remap your chip and to improve the power/torque delivering. In Italy Audi
workshops tuning is made using components (chips, exhaust system and others
stuffs) made by VIXEN, an Audi private tuner. Since the mounting work is
made by Audi workshop, you still have warranty.
In Germany, I know you may ask the same things but there the most important
private tuners are ABT, A!Avantgarde, MTM, SMS.

By italian Audi-Vixen workshops you have 3 choices:
195 HP (eprom remapping)
210 HP (eprom, exhaust system)
240 HP (eprom, exhaust, a bigger turbo loader)

Power torque is unknown but you should have about 25 kgm, 27 Kgm and 30 or
In any case, the max rpm cut-off is lift from 6700 to 7100 rpm.

Of course, you could also ask to a private "generic" tuner, there are some
very good and they could reach more than 250 HP (in Germany you can find
285 HP by MTM, 260 by Avantgarde, 300 by ABT...).
To reach these powers, you HAVE to change the turbo loader with a bigger
one. The default KKK loader is very small: this means it is very fast to
reach high rpms (= low "turbo-lag) but it is not able to blow enough air to
reach MORE THAN 210-220 HP. On the other side, the 20V 1.8 engine by
default has a low-pressure turbo (0.5 bar MAX) to reach "just" 150 HP and
it is VERY easy to reach about 190 HP very safely JUST remapping the chip
and improving the max load pressure to about 0.8-1 bar, without changing
any other part.

I have a 150 HP with 2nd step tuning by Audi-Vixen, so I got a nice beast
with 210 HP. It runs at 245 (237 REAL speed) Km/h @6600 rpm, while before,
this was 227 Km/h (219 real speed) @6100 rpm. I tested it on highway. I
still don't know how fast is 80-140 in 5th gear, I got the tuned car last
week and still haven't checked the 80-140 time. The default 150 HP makes it
in 19.1".

                 Best regards