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humming noise

Greetings Listers,

Just put new Potenza RE930's, with 4 wheel alignment to replace worn Pirelli
P600 M&S on the '93 100csqw. New tires and alignment feel great. However the
absence of the wobble and tire noise, has highlighted a new noise.

This faint vibration, or humming, occurs in cycles 1 sec on 1 sec off, and
only happens between 60 and 70 mph. There is no steering wheel shake. I have
tested on a variety of road surfaces.

First thought is re-do the balance on all 4 wheels, but the absence of wheel
shake is puzzling.



Eric Billing
Eagan, MN
'93 Audi 100 CSQW - 58K miles
'91 Honda Accord EX - 115K miles