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Re: Fuel Pump R&R

>  I did mine on Saturday, and my experience was very different
>  from yours, Al.  

Glad it was!

> The job took about an hour, and was probably
>  one of the easiest I've done on the car.  I think I spent
>  more time pulling hoses off than I did actually replacing
>  the fuel pump. As for the fumes, it was a bit much if you
>  stuck your face in the opening, but I just reached in with one 
>  (suitably-gloved) hand and disengaged the pump from its
>  mounting by feel. I used latex surgical gloves on top of which
>  I wore those thick yellow rubber household cleaning gloves. 

Hmmm..s'pose it would have helped if I'd used gloves at all??

> It
>  gets a bit cold, but I had no trouble even with the tank 1/2 full.
>  Maybe I have gasoline-immune genes :-)  Or it must be the
>  childhood spent siphoning gas out of my Dad's old Standard 10!

I dunno.  It really got to me..
> > You can expect that the fuel lines will run and drip miserably and
> > continuously once disconnected, adding to the fuel inhalation
> > miseries.
>  Mine dripped a little when they were first disconnected, but
>  were dry from then on.

Once again, congratulations!

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