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Re: koni yellow vs. koni red

David Conner wrote:

> I've been told the koni yellow (aka Koni Sport) are stiffer than the Koni

The yellow Koni Sports are indeed stiffer than the reds.  Also, aren't the
yellows gas-charged while the reds are not?

I had a set of Koni Sports on my old Coupe GT, with H&R springs.  The
ride was _firm_.  It was tough to get the suspension to deflect more
than a half inch by pushing down at the corners.  Just this side of a
too-harsh ride...I developed a mental map of all the big potholes in the
area,  but WOW, did that car handle with a set of Yokohama AVS
Intermediates.  Make sure nothing can fly around the interior and the
armrest anchors are solid!

Best Wishes,