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Re: Motorweek Best Of Year award(was "Are enthusuast mags

Brett reflects on some hearsay:

> To get off on a tangent even more...remember the discussion about the
> Colorado troopers using 4k's?  What were the details on that?  I remember
> it coming up quite a long time ago.  Sounds like a fun police department :)
> I bet a few beemers got the suprises of their lives..."I just got pulled
> over by an Owdie!"
> One begs to ask how a police department could afford a 4000(I assume at the
> time they were new.)

The Hampton NH police department had a 4KQ about 10-12 years ago.  It was
written up in Autoweek.  The Boston area Audi dealers donated it or
arranged some deal.  The article also stated that the police chief pulled
over a snowmobile that had been running down the road.  The snowmobile
tried to get away by crossing a cornfield so the Chief just followed him.
That was his first bust in the quattro.

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe