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S4/91 200: which is faster?

Alexander wrote:

"Why S4s and S6s are so expensive? Well, they are rare, were
veryexpensive when new and have opinion of probably the fastest stock
Audis everbuilt. However, 20V 200s are almost as fast as S4 for much
lower price and Ipersonally like the old chassis better. Besides, you
have very little chances of finding an S4 wagon in USA."

Umm, I am curious about the *faster* comment. My understanding was that
the 91 200q was actually quicker (acceleration) than the US S4/S6
because of the gearing on the newer cars (six-speed euro boxes with only

5 gears in the US). Also, the S4/6 is heavier (not by much)? So while
the stock 91 200q has 11 fewer HP, it is actually faster than the 92-95
S4/6. Anyone know the answer to the weight/gearing issues?



91 200q
86 5ktq