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Re: WG Springs

 # I would be interested in seeing the data you have on the
 # springs, especially the Charlie spring and the IA spring.
... well it turns out that I have Charlie's own design informa-
tion.   I'm not able to make measurements, because that's what 
I've got installed in the 5kCSQW right now.  Charlie did also 
include his measurements for a stock 5kT spring.  Here's the 

Charlie Smith Spring (from CS' e-mail):

Height:      66mm
Diameter:    41mm
# of coils:   6*
Wire dia:     3.8mm

IA urQ Spring (my measurements):

Height:      68mm (2 11/16")
Diameter:    36.5mm (1 7/16")
# of coils:   5.25
Wire dia:     3.8mm (0.150")
Force Const:  0.025"/pound (0.25" with 10 pounds applied)

Stock urQ Spring - 2 black dots (my measurements):

Height:      70mm (2.75")
Diameter:    36.5mm (1 7/16")
# of coils:   4.8
Wire dia:     3.5mm (0.139")
Force Const:  0.034"/pound (0.344" with 10 pounds applied)

Stock 5kCSQ Spring - one blue dot (my measurements) [CS meas]:

Height:      55.6mm (2 3/16") [57mm] 
Diameter:    33.3mm (1 5/16") [36.5mm]
# of coils:   5*
Wire dia:     2.97mm (0.117") [3mm]
Force Const:  0.050"/pound (0.5" with 10 pounds applied)

* - NOTE Charlie measures number of coils including the flattened 
out section that contacts the perches ... my measurements attempt 
to count the active coils.  

My observation is that the CS spring is very similar to the OEM urQ 
spring.  I never installed the IA spring in my urQ since I have the 
Schrappnell Knobben installed instead ...


Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

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