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RE: Driveshaft removal

I've been able to get the front half shafts off of two 4kQs and an Audi
Fox w/MT without having to do anything other than remove the bolts that
attach to the drive flange and the axle nut.  It is often useful to turn
the steering wheel to left or right lock to make it possible to get the
inner CV out of the drive flange.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

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> Sent: 	Monday, February 23, 1998 5:29 AM
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> Subject: 	Re: Driveshaft removal
> Avi Meron wrote:
> > 
> > If you are removing the drive shaft from a "manual" car you do not
> need to
> > remove any suspension parts, if it is an "auto" you have to undo the
> ball
> > joint...(on a 5K)
> > Avi
> Does this apply to a 4k too?  I've tried to remove the driveshafts
> (front) on 
> my C-GT, and it seems I always have to undo the strut housing, because
> I
> can't 
> pull the driveshafts far enough inboard to get the splines to clear
> the
> hub.
> I'm guessing the 5k's have a wider track, and therefore have a bit
> more
> room 
> for unbolting the triple squares, and moving the driveshafts out of
> position 
> enough to pull the splines out of the hubs.  Is that how it works?
> Ken