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Taller Gearing for 4kq???

Just a curious question for the list... I use my 84 4kq for daily driving as
well as long hauls on the highway. The gearbox, as best described in the
owners manual is a 'close ratio' unit. So, at 75mph I'm turning nearly 4k
rpm's with 195/60/14 tires. I also have an 87 5kq but it seems to turn a
little lower rpm's at the same speed. Of course the tires are different, but
I was wondering if there are different ratio transmissions that will bolt up
to this car, that will effectively lower rpm's. I'm thinking of going to the
optional size tire 175/70/14 but I hate to loose handling. Any ideas? Please
E-mail me as I am not always checking the list. TIA!

                       Rolf Mair is: waves@epix.net
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