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Re: Side impact beams?

In a message dated 2/23/98 harrison <hsapir@multiverse.com> writes:

<< I also have here an 86 5000cs quattro hit in the passenger doors that
completely crushed the right seat. >>

Scary! Any idea how hard a hit it took to do that? Just kinda curious. No
experience with the type 44 chassis (thank goodness) but my 87 4kcsq was hit
hard square in the middle of the passenger's rear door by a car that was still
doing (estimated) between 30 and 40 mph at contact. Enough so that the car was
tossed across the intersection. The door was split open but remained intact
enough that a back seat passenger would surely have been unscathed. BTW the
damage was severe, the car needed everything on the passenger side from the
front door back replaced. Even after  more than $5k worth of bodywork the car
was never the same again (and was traded in on an '88 80q for nearly what I
paid for it). I always felt that Audi bodies were pretty safe...yeah, a full
cage would be better but still.

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq