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Re:Intermittent Stumbling

Tom Hierl wrote:

>I have a 1987 5KQ which has developed an intermittent loss of power. 
>After running for 15-20 minutes, it has severe hesitation after coming 
>to a stop. Cold behavior is fine. Although it will hold an idle most 
>of the time, there is no power. The situation exists for 15-30 seconds 
>at which point the engine behaves normally again.

>This car has the CIS E3 injection and we have swapped a known good
>electronic pressure regulator which didn't help.

I'm having a minor brain lock over the CIS E3 injection with the differential
pressure regulator - my understanding was that the 5KTQ cars all came
with K-Lambda CIS injection (black fuel distributor, no diff. press.
regulator)...has your injection system been changed somehow?  Did you
mean to type "1987 _4_KQ", which would make make the injecton system
correct for that car?  Sorry for my confusion but troublshooting this on a
turbo vs. N/A engine is different! 

Best Wishes,