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Re: lifting rear wheel on ur-q

glen powell wrote:

> The loss of traction, power delivery and acceleration is total and instantaneous when
> the diffs are open.

Hmm... interesting.

> The advantage when running locked in auto-x with sufficient power is major and
> unmistakable, I think on the order of 1+ sec on a long course, an absolute eternity in
> auto-x.

I'll keep that in mind. So you also advocate running a locked diff on dry for auto-x?

> I always run center locked in the rain/sno/ice on non-ABS qs. The extra stability
> is very real, just use good judgment about your speed for the conditions at hand.

Agreed. I like the extra stability... so I plan to keep on doing it (as I did on the way
home tonight... in a nasty, heavy rain). I was mindful of my speed, though... to make sure
I didn't get myself into trouble.

> If ABS is an option I run open as the advantages of ABS outweigh the additional
> stability [this is very subjective and I expect that others will have a very different
> opinion on this point].

I'll keep that in mind whenever I get/drive a quattro with ABS.

> I never run at any kind of speed with center and rear locked due to the potential
> nastiness of locking the complete drivetrain at speed under hard/panic braking.

Sounds like good advice.

Thanks for the feedback. Take care.

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