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Re: 4 wheelin' Audi question

Maybe he should consider getting a QSW!! It's a 4kq... with more ground
clearance... and a huge cargo area to haul around "stuff"... especially for
those weekend ski trips!!

A while ago (when I was going through that whole NTB snafu) I was told that
there was a whole bunch of 'em for sale out there in Quattro country (CO is
considered that, right? Or does New England beat out CO??).

Sysko, Dustin wrote:

> A friend of mine approached me the other day to recommend a vehicle to
> satisfy his odd (conflicting?) preference. He wants a sedan that will be
> good for highway driving with good handling, while it must be capable of
> some medium four wheelin' in the woods. Well, I gave him a ride in my
> 4ksq on the highway, some dirt roads, and some really back woods tracks,
> and he was _extremely_ impressed. There's just one thing though. He
> wants an inch or two more clearance. I explained that it would certainly
> change the car's handling on the highway, but we both agreed that for
> his particular use it would not bring the car to an unreasonable
> condition. You see, he is looking for a car he can drive around town and
> to the ski areas but will still make it up his driveway without
> sustaining too much damage. OK, ok, I'll get to the point...does anyone
> know of any lift kits for 4kq, 5kq, and 200q cars? TIA!
> Dustin Sysko
> Boulder, CO
> 85 4ksq

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