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Re: Pierburg Fuel Pumps

Have experience of Pierburg pump, assuming UK and N. American fitments are the same.

The VAG part no. for the Pierburg pump is 895 906 091A and this is
listed as OE in the UK from 1990 onwards
(although my 100 Avant is a mid 91 and still had the old type Bosch which I think is
part no 895 906 089).

The Pierburg is smaller in diameter than the Bosch. It has an around half inch diameter
gauze-covered inlet for the tank petrol. It cost about GBP 84 plus 17.5 % taxes from an aftermarket
supplier (German & Swedish, London). No doubt £££££ more from Audi. It doesn't have an external check valve and its connecting wires are moulded into the casing rather than retained by posts and nuts. The connectors into the vehicle wiring are identical.

To fit the newer pump in place of the Bosch, you do however need a
replacement housing, i.e.., the nylon casing / external filter in which the
pump sits and which clips into the nylon retaining ring arrangement in the
bottom of the tank. Unfortunately I have mislaid the invoice/part no. for
this, but from memory you need the casing plus a matching union nut and
washer for the fuel line to pump connection and this cost around GBP 45 or
50 from Audi.

The new Pierburg has an audible slight buzz, but this is only just audible
over the engine noise on tickover. If anything, it has become slightly
quieter after a few thousand miles running. (I once replaced the pump on my
previous Audi 100 with a Bosch and the noise reduction was just about the
same.) This relates to Avants, and I suppose the saloon should be a little
quieter than this.
One would assume that this modified pump was designed to be more reliable than the Bosch, but time will tell !!!
Hope this helps.
Cumbria, UK.
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From: Fred Munro <munrof@isys.ca>
To: quattrolist <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
Date: 23 February 1998 23:22
Subject: Pierburg Fuel Pumps

    Has anyone experience with the Pierburg fuel pump offered as a replacement for the Bosch unit? Are these more reliable than the Bosch? Are they a bolt-in replacement or is "fitting" required? Same volume/pressure? Any good economical sources? Any Canadian sources?
    I think I'm about due for my third fuel pump and if the Pierburg is a better unit, I'll give it a try.
Fred Munro
'91 200q  246k km