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Re: Dash lights

David M Sugerman <dsugerma@runet.edu> wrote:
 Last week several q digesters were kind enough to point me to the
of instructions for replacing the bulbs in my '89 80q's main instrument 
cluster. Now, before I dismantle the thing I'd like to know if anyone
tell me what and how many bulbs I need to swap them all out while I'm in

there, and possibly a good source to purchase them from. 
As I recall there were six for illumination, excluding warning lights.
The brown, orange, or black base units 0.9 - 1.2W would all work.  Audi
parts dealers should have them.  They are Ozram, but the official part
number is not at hand.

         ....  Kirby  (kirby.a.smith@lmco.com)
                   New Hampshire, USA
                      2 X 1988 90q