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My thoughts

I would like to say something back to the Qlister that replied to me about
my language on the list. If you have something to say, say it to me
privately. It looks as if you are trying to attack me if you send it out
to the list. If you look at the welcome page, it says somewhere that the
list is not censored. I have seen plenty of listers in the past use "foul"
language or use a four letter word broken with an asterisk in between.
Bottom line, no difference. I'm not the first and you should look at the
info presented forth before the language is. Maybe me using that four
letter word will give the guy I was giving advice to an even stronger
warning to not do what he wanted to. In the end, I will apologize to
anyone who may have been offended by my language. Mind all of you, I'm
sure we've all heard that word before and it shouldn't be such a shock. In
the future, I will watch my language, the rest of you, if there is a
problem with another lister, mail privately. There have been some nasty
fights recently that the list shouldn't have been a party to. I'm open to
criticism, but just do it privately. BTW: let this string end here. I
apologized, no harm done.

*Steve                                       Sachelle Babbar
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