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Re: how Torsen diff wears?

Can the "torsen" action be altered by changing th viscosity of the diff
fluid? It works on positive traction type differentials and on my radio
control cars. They started making them with Torsen style diffs a few years
ago. BTW: changing viscosity of the fluid negating possible damage (if

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On Mon, 23 Feb 1998, Phil Rose wrote:

> >
> >Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 23:09:32 -0500 (EST)
> >From: "Graydon D. Stuckey" <graydon@apollo.kettering.edu>
> >Subject: Re: Explanation of a how Torsen diff works...
> >
> >On Sun, 22 Feb 1998, Jeffrey J. Goggin wrote:
> >
> >> Unfortunately, most of the "tuning" you refer to has to be done during the
> >> original design stage ... the only tuning that is available after it's been
> >> built has to do with changing the drive v. coast characteristics and other
> >> minor characteristics.  That's not to say that tweaking it won't prove
> >> beneficial, though...
> >
> >Its not quite that bad.   You can change its "strength" quite a bit by
> >altering the amount of friction in the thrust bearings of the output
> >gears.   If this isn't enough, then you are right, you have to change the
> >angle of the helix on the worm gears and thats a pretty major machining job.
> Just this morning I read (OK, I skimmed) the very interesting Gleason
> article on the Torsen diff. design. Thank you Jeff (Goggin), for putting
> this on your website.
> Anyway, now that I've read about the function of the thrust washers
> (bearings) that Graydon referred to (abov), I wonder if these are a normal
> "wear" item. Will these washers tend to wear and cause the friction to
> change over umpteen+ Kmiles of use--i.e., to the extent that the
> performance characteristic of the Torsen diffs might change significantly
> from the original factory spec? Is there a testing procedure? Is it unheard
> of to have (or need) a Torsen diff. repair for this? I don't seem to hear
> much at all about Torsen diff. problems. (Praise be to Audi gods!)
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