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RE: 4 wheelin' Audi question

Coil over kits are available for between $400-$500 that can raise the car up 
to 2" I believe.  These really make the car handle well too boot.
Pat Martin
864000csq turbo, 2 1/2 cat back, H&R-Boge, MC and loving it.  Drilled rotors 
stopping it. Koenig Cobra 16x7 with AVS Intermediates turning it,  K&N and 
95 subaru legacy 
Bothell, Wa

A friend of mine approached me the other day to recommend a vehicle to
satisfy his odd (conflicting?) preference. He wants a sedan that will be
good for highway driving with good handling, while it must be capable of
some medium four wheelin' in the woods. Well, I gave him a ride in my
4ksq on the highway, some dirt roads, and some really back woods tracks,
and he was _extremely_ impressed. There's just one thing though. He
wants an inch or two more clearance. I explained that it would certainly
change the car's handling on the highway, but we both agreed that for
his particular use it would not bring the car to an unreasonable
condition. You see, he is looking for a car he can drive around town and
to the ski areas but will still make it up his driveway without
sustaining too much damage. OK, ok, I'll get to the point...does anyone
know of any lift kits for 4kq, 5kq, and 200q cars? TIA!

Dustin Sysko
Boulder, CO
85 4ksq