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RE: torsens

>A few years ago we once did an experiment when the center diveshaft was out
>of an 83 ur-q, gen I system. With no differentials locked, we tried driving
>the car and all the power was transmitted to the center driveshaft flange
>and the car went stood still. All the power was transmitted to the
>(virtual) rear axle because the center diff thought a wheel was spinning
>and directed engine power back there. This was a true test which shows that
>w/o the center locked, it only takes 1 spinning wheel to stop the progress
>of a quattro. 

You can also lock that center diff and drive the car FWD with no propshaft
installed. BTDT. Many a Pro-Rally ur-q has finished a stage as a FWD.....
Now try *that* with a Torsen!